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The ECONO-SLAB™ foundation is a patented, pre-engineered, dimensionally stable metal form and pre-cut bar package engineered specifically for your structure, manufactured then shipped to the job site for assembly.

It is the best solution for concrete foundation requirements. Our concrete slab foundation systems are trusted by contractors and DIYs for residential, commercial, and institutional applications.

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Why Contractors Are Using ECONO-SLAB™

Turn-key Solutions

ECONO-SLAB™ offers turn-key solutions from initial consultation to design, from installation to construction.

Fast Foundations

Pre-fabrication allows the ECONO-SLAB™ to arrive at your job site quickly, in days. We can design for buildings with up to 100 feet clear span with our pre-engineered solutions.

Easy to Install

Anyone can easily install the ECONO-SLAB™ by following project specific stamped drawings.

Complete Projects Sooner

An ECONO-SLAB™ pre-engineered foundation will allow you to have a foundation poured and in place by the time your building arrives on site. Even if your building is arriving in three weeks.

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