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Introducing New Product to Expand Applications

ECONO-SLAB™ is proud to add to our innovative system.

Once again, we have a revolutionary new product that adds multiple uses to our ECONO-SLAB™ system. A new bracket that allows us to form inside angles without running bars through the complete form. This new bracket will allow us to run bars along the walls or frame lines of almost any shape structure.

Not only can it create an inside 90, but it can also be used to make obscure angles that formerly presented an issue.

Thanks to our incredible manufacturing partner, we can easily stamp these brackets and add them to any of our ECONO-SLAB™ forms, allowing even more clients to save up to 50% over a conventional foundation!

New Econo-Slab BracketsNew Econo-Slab BracketsNew Econo-Slab Brackets

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