How Floating Concrete Slabs Work

Floating slabs are a form of foundation that provides an economical solution compared to traditional slab foundations. Floating slabs do not require excessive excavation but are constructed to "float" on the ground without direct supports like beams, footings or thickened edges.

The ECONO-SLAB™ floating slab features a pre-engineered 2-way reinforced perimeter that distributes loads in more directions allowing for better stability throughout the slab.

Learn the various steps to build a floating slab in the following sections:

Construction of Floating Concrete Slabs

Before the start of a project, a complete set of site-specific p. eng stamped drawings are necessary. Foundations should be designed to meet local, municipal and national building codes. Drawings provide a graphic representation of what is to be built for contractors to execute and allow for accurate cost estimates.

Foundations like ECONO-SLAB™ are designed by professional engineers who assess project needs before developing the best fit solution. Econo-Slab provides clients with custom-designed foundations and certified drawings.

Contact ECONO-SLAB™ about your foundation ahead of building design in order to maximize savings

Site Preparation

The initial stages of construction require inspection and clearing of the land. This includes removing trees as well as the upper layer in preparation of digging soil and filling with concrete.

Site Preparation without Trench Excavation - Even for DIYers

The ECONO-SLAB™ design allows for much faster site preparation. One only needs to remove organic matter down to the hard pan and then compact a minimum of 8" of free-draining gravel to level the surface and be ready to install the system.

Even when compared to a thickened edge slab, site preparation is simpler, which is one of the reasons that the ECONO-SLAB™ lends itself to DIY customers for their projects.


Typically 4’-6’ deep channel-like trenches are necessary for frost walls. Depending on the building, footing may also be required.

The ECONO-SLAB™ design, however:

  • Eliminates trenching and excavation required for frost walls and footings, since floating slabs do not require additional forms that need stripping
  • Allows installation of the form days or weeks ahead of old-fashioned systems

Without frost walls or footings, the amount of concrete and excavation saved is substantial.

Reinforcement for Slab

Pre-engineered metal forms and pre-cut bar packages from ECONO-SLAB™ are specifically designed for each structure.

A good foundation must be strong enough to withstand all types of loads the building and climate will exert on it.

Easy-to-Follow Installation

  • Anchor Bolt Location Templates that Ensure Accuracy
    The ECONO-SLAB™ eliminates one of the biggest issues with your anchor bolt placement! Location Templates guarantee anchors are set in the exact position required. This allows for perfection in the placement of the anchors; anyone who has been at this for a while knows that can be an issue. Being able to erect your structure without delays is crucial in a four-season climate.
  • Multiple Levels of High Strength Thread Bar
    With the metal form in place, the ECONO-SLAB™ is formed over the ground. Once the concrete is poured in the ECONO-SLAB™ form, the loads are distributed in multiple directions, allowing for better stability. The special rebar helps the concrete support the weight of the structure while also retaining its integrity.

Foundation kits ship complete and ready to install with galvalume forms, threaded rebar, fasteners, bolts, an installation manual and stamped engineered drawings. As a result, labour to install the system is significantly reduced, resulting in considerable savings.

Explore our easy-to-follow installation manual.

Pouring Concrete

With the ECONO-SLAB™ form in place, call a concrete batch plant to have the necessary quantity of concrete required delivered to your location. There is no waiting for contractors to form a project for you. This is a DIY dream.

Using ECONO-SLAB™'s specified concrete mix also eliminates the need for control joints, making the job easier for you. Cuts in conventional slabs weaken the foundation before you've even used it. A cleanable surface is a must for many businesses today, and cuts in the concrete don't lend themselves to a sanitary environment.

Key Benefits of Floating Slab Foundations

ECONO-SLAB™ Foundation System provides pre-engineered technology and structural superiority for every project. The advantages of ECONO-SLAB™ floating foundations are:

  • Much stronger than old-fashioned, conventional designs
  • From large industrial projects to 20' x 30' wooden shops in the back yard, all projects include a complete set of site-specific P.Eng stamped drawings
  • Environmentally friendly building product with virtually no site waste and no form stripping required once poured
  • Foundations like ECONO-SLAB™ are designed by professional engineers who assess project needs before developing the best fit solution
  • ECONO-SLAB™ provides clients with custom-designed foundation and certified drawings

ECONO-SLAB™ not only improves the foundation strength but simplifies the process and saves time and money.

Check with Econo-Slab™ today to see if a floating slab foundation is right for your project.

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