About Floating Concrete Slabs

What is a Floating Slab Foundation?

Floating slabs are foundational structures well-suited for almost any building. They do not require anchoring but are constructed to "float" on the ground without direct supports like beams, footings or thickened edges. In this foundation type, footings integrate into a monolithic slab unit. As a result, all concrete may be poured in a single stage, for faster installation and cost savings of up to 50%, compared to conventional frost wall foundations.

Contact ECONO-SLAB™ about your foundation ahead of the building design & order process to maximize savings.

ECONO-SLAB™ foundations are designed by professional engineers who assess project needs before developing the best fit solution with stamped engineered drawings.

Floating Slab Design

The ECONO-SLAB™ is a pre-engineered, dimensionally stable metal form with pre-cut, high-strength rebar package designed to spec. With the metal form in place, concrete slabs can be formed and laid over the ground without frost walls or footings. In addition, with the reinforced slab in place, the structure's weight is distributed in more directions, allowing for better stability.

With an ECONO-SLAB™ Foundation System, every foundation is

  • Manufactured to the highest quality control standards and designed to meet local, municipal and national building codes
  • Insulated with 64mm of high-density polystyrene insulation
  • Stamped foundation drawings are provided to ensure foundations meet all Canadian/American building codes
  • Designed to eliminate the need for control joints when the specified concrete mix is used

Insulation Against Moisture & Freeze

In areas that experience freezing temperatures, concrete floating slabs must be insulated. Since this foundation type has no footings, insulation is laid underneath the slab and along the edges to prevent frost penetration. This insulation is more cost-effective than building a foundation with footings and frost walls as the extensive excavation, and extra concrete costs far outweigh the price of insulation.

In-Floor Radiant Heating for a Comfortable Work Environment

Often, industrial and commercial floor slabs are looked over when it comes to heating/insulation. However, slab foundations like the ECONO-SLAB™ pair ideally with in-floor radiant heating and provide evenly distributed heating throughout an entire floor area, providing an environmentally sound, comfortable working environment for new buildings.

Anchor Bolt Templates for Easy Installs

The ECONO-SLAB™ also comes with anchor bolt templates where required. These templates allow for perfect placement of the anchors, and anyone who has been at this for a while knows that can be an issue. Being able to erect a structure without delays is crucial in a four-season climate.

Bracket Innovations Adding Multiple New Uses

A revolutionary new ECONO-SLAB™ bracket adds multiple uses to the system. We can now form inside angles without running bars through the complete form. Instead, bars can be run along the walls or frame lines of almost any shape structure.

Not only can it create an inside 90, but it can also be used to make obscure angles that formerly presented an issue.

APplications for Floating Slab Foundations

Floating slabs are commonly used as foundations for manufacturing workshops, garages and sheds. Other suitable applications include:

  • Building expansions and extensions
  • Commercial buildings
  • Self-storage complexes
  • Homes and cottages
  • Across cold and warm climates

Large floating slabs are suitable for a wider range of applications than any other foundation type. Check with ECONO-SLAB™ whether a floating slab foundation is right for your project.

Slab Foundations for Cold and Warm Climates

Floating foundations are practical solutions across cold and warm climates. Slabs serve as frost-protected barriers preventing moisture and frost from seeping into the superstructure. Furthermore, site preparation for installing a foundation system is minimal compared to the excavation required for conventional foundations. Compared to a frost wall and footing foundation, they eliminate the heavier digging and excavation required, reducing overall construction costs and providing a more eco-friendly building system that uses much less concrete.

Overall, slab foundations are ideal in remote areas and enjoy widespread usage in cold region construction.

Manufactured in Canada, with patents across Canada and the United States, ECONO-SLAB™ foundations are built to withstand the harshest conditions.

Contact us to inquire about your specific applications.

Added Econo-Slab™ Benefits Over Conventional Foundations

ECONO-SLAB™ foundations are dimensionally perfect, providing pre-engineered technology and structural superiority for each project. Systems ship complete and ready to install with installation manual and stamped engineered drawings. Any contractor or DIYer can easily install it by following the drawings. ECONO-SLAB™ continues to refine its system with each new project.

Whether you’re building yourself, a contractor or a metal building supplier, we have the best concrete foundation solution for your need.

WHY contractors are choosing the ECONO-SLAB™

Project specific stamped drawings
Frost protected slabs without trench excavating
Easy to follow installation manual
Installation services are available
Toll-Free tech support 5 days a week
Anchor bolt templates ensure accuracy
Ideal for remote locations
One concrete delivery and cure time
Increases your projects bottom line

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